We are Adesso Deli


We are proud to present our mouth-watering, luxury range of versatile products Marinades, Dips and Drizzles made using only the finest ingredients to ensure that your final result, gives you equal pride.

All of our products are carefully made using the best quality ingredients. These are combined to create amazing flavours which meet the desires of the discerning palate and time conscious needs of today’s cooking and to make even the most humble foods extra special. Our products are versatile and designed to save you time.


Portuguese Inspired Piri Piri Dressing

Experiment with tastes

Combine your favourite meat, fish or vegetables with one of our marinades or seasonings to make a tasty healthy tasty dish that any chef would be proud to serve. Think beyond the boundaries; you can use our products in so many different ways, don’t be restricted by the label. Experiment, you may surprise yourself and others?


Versatile – all of the products have a wide variety of uses including:

  • Marinades for fish, meats and vegetables
  • Dressings and drizzles on salads and other foods
  • A dip for crudités, meats (such a chicken wings), breadsticks and bread
  • As an accompaniment to dishes
  • Adding “zing” to most recipes

Extra Virgin Olive Oil is recognised and renowned for its nutrition and health benefits, Adesso combine herbs, spices, honey and citrus juices, to create instant aromatic flavours, without additives, only totally natural ingredients.

Adesso Marinades, Dips, Drizzles, are designed to maintain the moisture of your food, penetrating it with enhancing natural flavours, and an added zing!


Adesso Balsamic Cream with Truffle

All our products are additive free, gluten free, nut free and suitable for vegetarians.

Unsure what to buy that special someone? Why not take a look at our great taster and gift sets.

Catering packs are also available – Trade enquiries contact mail@adessodeli.co.uk

Rizwan & Brian

Meet the guys




My name’s Rizwan, one of the Directors at Adesso Foods and I’m the chef and creative executive.

Whilst I get involved in all aspects of the business, I also spend my time using our existing products to produce recipes and come up with some great new products. Don’t let Brian fool you though, I do much more washing up than he does!

I think how a product looks is so important too. I’m passionate about food. I insist upon the best quality ingredients and spend a great amount of time perfecting products, to make sure that flavours and tastes are balanced to create a perfect blend.

One thing I love about our products is their versatility, and the fact they can be used by just about anyone.

Whether cooking in or with them, dressing hot or cold food, or use any of our bottled products as a bread dipper, just grab some fresh bread and dip away! We’re honoured that they’ve been used by Michelin starred chefs, but equally delighted when someone tells me that they can’t really cook, but can make a superb meal following one of our recipes, by picking up a few basic ingredients on the way home.

Fast food can be healthy and tasty and I hope that you’ll enjoy some of our recipes. If you’ve got any of your own favourite recipes that you are happy to share, then please send them to me at mail@adessodeli.co.uk

Anyway, I’ve got some more ideas coming up so watch this space!

Ciao, Ciao





I’m Brian and I’m one of the Directors at Adesso Foods and welcome to our website.

Whilst my co-director Rizwan and I work very closely together, my role is more about looking after the business side of things, to allow Rizwan to do the creative things. Of course that means dealing with the day to day running of the business, liaising with the bank, accountant etc and even some washing up. However, it also means that I’m on hand to taste all of Rizwan’s great recipes, so I’m certainly not complaining!


Well I’ll be keeping you up to date with all the exciting things that will be happening and please watch out for more new products.

I love talking to people, so if you have any questions about Adesso, then please feel free to contact me personally at mail@adessodeli.co.uk

Until next time,